1. The client agrees to provide full and honest information to woofdoggydog about their dogs during the boarding booking process.Behaviour which could negatively impact on me Des Cufley my own dogs,other boarders my neighbours or my property will not be accepted.Teese include but are not limited to excessive barking ,anti social behaviour,aggression towards humans or dogs,toileting in the home,separation anxiety,howling,destructive behaviour,straying and phobias.

  2. Clients will be responsible for any vet fees incurred while their dogs are in the care of Woofdoggydog.

  3. Clients MUST agree to an introductory meeting between their dogs and mine and also any other borders

    due at the same time .

  4. Clients agree to only hand over dogs in good health who have not been exposed to infectious disease in

    the previous 14 days . we are happy to administer medication to your dog as long as the medication comes with clear vet instructions , If your dog became ill during their stay it may be necessary to take them to my vets for treatment also if they have an infectious disease they may need to be isolated at the vets and you will be responsible for payment of vet fees .

  5. All dates and times are to be looked upon as appointments and should be followed.

  6. Once the introductory meeting has been successful and the booking form completed you must pay your

    booking fee to guarantee your booking the booking fee is 50% of the total cost of your dogs stay the

    other 50% is due 7 days before your dog arrives.FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE

  7. Cancellations are only accepted over 28 days in advance of your dogs stay and in writing.

  8. Clients must agree to their dogs being exposed to other dogs both inside my home and outside ,dogs

    from different households will not be left together unsupervised,if your dog cannot be safely let off lead

    you must advise us before your stay.

  9. Your dogs will be walked a minimum of twice a day each walk will be at least 30 mins if your dog cannot

    be walked we will make a plan for them to have quality interaction,all dogs will be checked over each day for general health and wellbeing i will also carry out basic grooming as required including washing feet in wet weather. Any dogs under 1 year old will have puppy specific training and socialisation wherever possible if you have specific training needs please discuss with me.ALL TRAINING WILL BE FORCE FREE AND REWARD BASED

  10. If a medical emergency arises with your dogs Woofdoggydog will make every effort to contact you or your emergency contact,where time is of the essence the client authorises Woofdoggydog to seek vet services at the nearest vets.The client agrees to pay any fees on return.

  11. Unless otherwise agreed you dog will be exercised on a harness or collar and soft lead. Where a client wishes their dog to run free they must tell us in writing they are happy with this and to accept responsibility for any accident or straying.

  12. In the event of serious accident or injury to myself Des Cufley I may need to make alternative arrangements for your dog this will be done with the client and emergency contact.

  13. VACCINATION. All dogs must be vaccinated for PARVOVIRUS,DISTEMPER,ADENOVIRUS,HEPATITIS & LEPTOSPIROSIS all vaccinations must be completed at least 2 weeks before boarding

  14. A valid titre test certificate is acceptable but dogs must still be up to date with Leptospirosis
    Dogs should also be free from fleas,worms and ticks if your dog needs treatment for these i will take to

    vets for treatment and you will be required to pay any bills on return


14. Woofdoggydog will carry out all agreed services in a reliable caring and trustworthy manner


15.The client authorises the signed contract to be valid for future services,thereby allowing Woofdoggydog to accept future bookings without additional signed contracts or authorisation. By signing below i am

agreeing to read these terms and conditions in their entirety.

I the undersigned have read and agreed to the above terms and conditions of using the services of Des Cufley and Woofdoggydog I confirm i will repay any costs incurred as a result of my dogs being boarded

with Woofdoggydog however incurred

Please download the form below and sign: